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YP Shabbat Dinner with the Heroes of the Kotel

Friday Night, June 16th.

We are at MAX CAPACITY for this week's dinner!

To join the waiting list, please email Rabbi Menachem at

Join us with special guests - for another amazing and delicious YP Shabbat dinner! Meets lots of other like-minded Young Jewish Professionals and enjoy a delicious and meaningful Shabbat dinner.

Our special guests will be the three soldiers in the iconic photo taken after the victory at the Kotel in 6-Day war. Join us for this special opportunity! Services begin at 7:00 and dinner follows. The event cost is $18 per person and $30 for two (when reserved and paid together before 8pm on Monday, June 12th). Come and bring your friends! We look forward to seeing you there! Also: Join us - as always - for a Shabbat Kiddush and lunch the following day!

Sign up below or by clicking here! Note: Paid RSVP helps us defray costs. However, if the price is an issue, please contact Rabbi Menachem at

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